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Wedding Wednesday: Planning the Morning!

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It’s cornering in on three years but I never posted about our wedding which is very strange and unlike me but as wedding season approaches full swing I thought I’d share some advice (and pictures).

I don’t know how people have morning weddings but even if you have  a 4pm wedding and think you will a long time to get ready, you won’t. This day will magically go at warp speed! Plan everything with lots of buffer time and as close to you as possible. I originally wanted to go to Philly so my own hairstylist could do my hair but I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t do that for my suburb wedding, it would have just been too much and leaving too much up to chance.
I went to the salon around 9am but forgot my veil! Luckily, a bridesmaid was able to run back to the house but you can’t anticipate a smooth day. I also forgot the presents for the bridal party on the way to the rehearsal. Cue my father-in-law running back for them. So this is also a lesson in having a check-list so you don’t forget important things like veils and presents.

blue wedding shoes + here comes your girl sign sign purchased here
card from jordan bridal bouquet LindJordWeb-33And most of all it’s nice to take a second and talk to your friends, to relax, to just enjoy the day!

monogrammed bridal roberobe purchased here

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