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lilly warehouse sale tips

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Looking for tips for the Lilly Warehouse Sale? Look no further!

lilly warehouse sale tips

Sales are final so you’ll need to really try things on. The dressing room is really just a curtained off area with mirrors and chairs…totally communal. Make sure to wear something that’s easy to get on and off quickly. You will be changing next to about 25 other women so if you are uncomfortable, wear something like a tight cami and leggings so you can just slide clothes on over. But honestly, everyone is so consumed in their own trying on adventure they aren’t looking around.

Go in with an open mind. They don’t publish what will be on sale so go in with an open mind of what you want. They do clearly have sections so if you are interested in dresses you’ll see a large area of dresses, a jewelry counter, rows of bags and rows of shoes.

Wear a small crossbody bag. You’ll want the most freedom and lugging a large purse won’t make that easy.

Be kind. Too many people at the sale cut the line, will grab something right in front of you. Just try to keep your cool. This isn’t Lilly for Target, they constantly are restocking!

Leave your Lilly giftcards at home. They do accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and checks

Here is a recap of my last Lilly Warehouse Sale experience!

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