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black head remover!

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I’ve been a fan of Mario Badescu after Steffanie over at Brighter, Darling recommended his rose water to me. I’ve found his enzyme cleansing gel  (I’ll post on how amazing this is later!) really helps and soothes my skin. I’ve been trying out a few of his toners and dabbling with other things in the line. Their website is really helpful if you have any specific needs: roscea, acne, aging skin, etc. he has several products to help. It’s not an extraordinary looking website, but don’t let that distract you from the products.

I purchased the Mario Badescu silver powder after Biore strips just didn’t cut it. Before I tried it, my dear husband was such a good sport and let me try it out on him. Luckily he has large pores that you can actually see a good before/after with and just how great this is!

mario badesco review

We used a wet q-tip and swirled in the powder and made sure to get it all over the nose and surrouding skin. We didn’t want to miss anything. Let it sit according to the directions. Here he is probably scrolling through real clear politics, his favorite website…


You only need to wait 10 minutes and simply remove with the astringent. We used the glycolic grapefruit cleansing lotion its great but it does sting on some parts of your face until you use it a few times. The silver powder itself doesn’t feel like anything, no stinging or real tightening, which I found surprising.

mario badesco review

Here is the before, its a little hard to tell with the lighting in our bathroom but you can definitely see black heads across his nose…

before mario badescu

It really got down and removed them! It looked so markedly different afterwards. I didn’t have quite as amazing results but perhaps mine need some professional extraction but I also saw an improvement. after mario bedescuI would definitely recommend using this. Even though it doesn’t clean my nose out completely, it does a really good job and better than the Biore strips!

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One thought on “black head remover!

  1. Ahh! You can def tell a difference. I love my biore strips but they definitely don’t get everything… I’ll have to scoop this up soon 🙂 thanks for the shout out, too haha! Xoxo

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