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what is bayalage?

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Up until a few years ago I always had my hair highlighted but it’s the pits when it grows back in and your roots come back in a straight line. GROSS. I’ve been getting bayalage for a couple of years now and I’m so surprised how many people have no idea what it is! Articles have been popping up touting it as the best new thing, but it isn’t new. I mean, just look how long Giselle has had her golden locks!bayalage | as GOLD as it gets

A few things about bayalage: It is the best if you want your hair color to look fresh, and not extreme. If you might wait a little longer in-between touchups, I usually go six months which is honestly a little long but I get my hair cut about every 3 months or so and thats the best timing for me and if you want to minimize damage from coloring your hair.

bayalage | as GOLD as it gets

Excuse the 8am in-car photo: You can see that while my hair had grown out – it didn’t have a straight line of where my hair had grown in.

bayalage | as GOLD as it gets

Your colorist will paint or sweep the color onto your hair. This isn’t done “perfectly” like highlights where they basically measure and weave the color pretty evenly throughout your hair. It is actually pretty amazing how the colorist will pick and choose which pieces to apply the color too. It is totally freehand. Once they have applied all the color you get saran-wrapped and you sit without heat for about 30 minutes. bayalage | as GOLD as it getsThis was waiting for the valet to get my car…you can see that it doesn’t look drastically different, just brighter and fresher!

If you are looking for bayalage in the philadelphia area I highly recommend Kristen at Adolf Biecker salon! She’s fantastic.

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