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crock pot minestrone soup

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I tried this soup last week and it turned out well. Not my favorite soup but probably because I could have feed an military base full of men with this soup, there is so much of it.

A few tips about this soup:

1) Be careful to not overfill your crockpot. I own a big (6 quarts I believe) crock pot and it was FULL. I cooked on high for just over 4 hours and the vegetables had just gotten cooked through. I think its similar to overloading your dryer, when the heat can’t travel easily its going to take longer to get you desired outcome. So you might want to reduce the amount of overall amount that you make – I think I  could have even cut it in half.

2) The recipe calls for a lot of italian seasoning but I put in salt, garlic salt and pepper. I really try not to boggle things down with salt and pepper but I thought this really needed it. It tasted a little too bland for my liking. For probably 5.5 quarts of soup the recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of salt…. I definitely added that and plenty more.

3) Make sure that your veggies are fully cooked BEFORE putting in the pasta. The pasta took about 12 minutes or so to cook through but if you put it in too early it will cook too long and disintegrate.

minestrone soup

Overall its gotten really good reviews in our house! When making it there’s just a few things to look out for to make sure you get the minestrone soup you want.


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