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crockpot chicken taquitos


There is no question as to my favorite food: mexican all. the. way. Unfortunately the east coast sucks at mexican food. In college there wasn’t even a mexican restaurant in Boston! Sure a few “tex-mex” style restaurants but not reaaaal mexican food. If you’ve ever had an authentic mexican food experience you’ll know what I mean.

crockpot chicken taquitos
rolling taquitos
prepping olive oil

Although these are definitely not authentic taquitos with a fried crunchy shell, they are pretty dang good. I opted for whole grain tortillas to be a little heathier. A few things to note about using whole grain tortillas in this recipe or others: they don’t have a lot of taste and they can tear extremely easily. To avoid the taste issue I spiced up the insides and added garlic salt and pepper into the olive oil I spread over the tortillas before I put them in the oven. To combat and prevent tearing, I microwave the tortillas for 10 seconds before working with them. You can stack several in at once but I gently separate them before microwaving. This really allows them to be a much more flexible and workable.

crockpot chicken taquitos recipe card

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5 thoughts on “crockpot chicken taquitos

  1. I returned from my first trip to Mexico last week, and I found the food pretty interesting. I’ve just written about it on my own blog, as it happens! The tortillas in the shops here in the UK are not that great, so when I come to recreate what I tasted for the benefit of my parents I might make my own. Your dish looks very good, but the trouble is I often have difficulty understanding US recipe instructions.

  2. Thank you for that cooking conversions link Lindsay; I’ll definitely use it. But it’s the lingo I find tricky too, like ‘broiler’ and ‘tenders’. And things like cream cheese might mean the same they do in the UK, or might not: even close to home there’s a bit of confusion in that both Philadelphia and Mascapone could come under that category, yet to me they’re very different.

    • To broil refers to using a very high heat (usually 500 degrees Fahrenheit) for a brief period in the oven. The chicken tenders are sometimes called “frier chicken” they also can be boneless chicken breast that cut into strips to make them easier to eat and cook easier, like finger food. The cream cheese I used was philadelphia cream cheese. I hope this helps!!

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