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hearty potato soup

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hearty potato soup

I might claim potatoes as my favorite food. First of all it’s so versatile: french fries, baked potatoes, potato latkes, tater tots, potato salad…the list literally goes on way too long. They are friendly little guys that meld their flavors well with others. Oh and they be CHEAP.

onion leek celery carrots

I went off recipe for this soup and thats another great thing about potatoes, they are along for the ride! Its pretty hard to mess them up…except for last week when I successfully made mashed potatoes the consistency of gluey cream of wheat. I chocked these soup full of veggies – carrots, onion, celery and leeks. I added some Old Bay for a kick of seasoning because nothing in the soup is flashy or flavorful. It’s just a simple, hearty classic recipe. You could use more or less of Old Bay as you prefer.


I like to leave a little of the skins on for soups or mashed potatoes. Adds a little more flavor + texture (but be sure to scrub them good before peeling).

cooking potato soup

This is super easy to whip up. Most of the time the soup looks like the above. It needs little care, so read your email, chat on the phone. You don’t need to be glued to babysitting the soup.

hearty potato soup garnishedCan you tell this is actually a mini size berry bowl?

Garnish up you soup – this sends it over the edge. I have a little turkey bacon, cheddar cheese and cilantro. Other things you might want to try would be sour cream, parsley, or green onions.

hearty potato soup


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