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crock pot balsamic pork

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Is anyone else scared of big slabs of uncooked meat? It’s incredibly daunting to ensure that you cook it where it doesn’t give someone e.coli (or worse) + is appetizing. I was really nervous about this because pork can be a little pricey to screw up…and I know this from experience.

balsamic pork crock potI added a few things to Skinnytaste’s recipe but I don’t think it would really challenge the “skinny” aspect of the recipe.

crock pot balsamic pork recipe card


If you are warming the pork before serving, I would occasionally spoon some of the balsamic “juices” back over the meat to ensure it stays moist.

This was a huge hit – no one has died from raw meat related illnesses and it’s already been requested again!


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One thought on “crock pot balsamic pork

  1. Sounds wonderful. Will have to try it.

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