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black bean burgers

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I have a confession – I like really LOVE Skinnytaste’s recipes and I really love black bean burgers. I like to make her recipes when people come over or when I want to try something new because I can always count on the reliability of her recipes. I’ve made these black bean burgers a few times before, although I can’t speak to the chipotle mayonnaise because someone in our house has an aversion to everything mayo or milk-based…

black bean burgers

veggies for black bean burgers

They are great to make in the middle of the week because they use ingredients that you might already have on hand. When you put the cilantro, red peppers, green onion, and garlic in the food processor it smells like the most fragrant salsa straight from a mexican restaurant!

black bean burger patty
I skip the oats in place of breadcrumbs because I always have them on hand (I still use 1/2 cup). You’ll need to make them ahead, which I always forget, and I kick myself for. They NEED to be in the freezer for two hours. As you can see above, they are blobby and wet. They don’t freeze much but they are MUCH easier to deal with after they’ve firmed up a bit.

spicy black bean burger
These are a hit in our house…especially with some sweet potato fries!

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