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homemade marshmallows – butter’s famous recipe

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I’m not a huge fan of marshmallows but I’ve been curious about making homemade ones as I’ve heard they are really impressive. I’ve stopped making things myself that are cheap to purchase unless they are dramatic differences because once you purchase all the ingredients, cook/bake it, its sometimes astronomically more time-consuming and expensive than just picking something up at the store. But these marshmallows are worth it!


I searched the interwebs for the best recipe I could find and settled on Butter’s Famous Marshmallows. My few criteria were as follows : limited stove-top time, no candy thermometer needed and (mostly) simple ingredients that I already had at home. And this recipe fits the bill.

cutting marshmallow

These have the best texture – they are fluffy, billowy and have such good flavor. I made the traditional vanilla marshmallows + then some mint ones. They have a stronger flavor than traditional store bought variety (and are delicious in hot chocolate!).

coat marshmallow in confectioners sugarPrepare to have some sticky fingers – but I was surprised at how easy it is to make these! I’m loving these Le Creuset Prep Bowls, Multi-Colored prep bowls. 
butter recipe marshmallow
Here’s a little tip that isn’t listed anywhere – clean your bowls/spatulas/wisks quickly! It starts to set quickly and will be a pain to clean unless you get it in hot water fairly quickly. I had some on the counter and it was like cleaning up dried toothpaste – gross!

They should last for up to a month in an airtight container.

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One thought on “homemade marshmallows – butter’s famous recipe

  1. Oh my, it looks so divine! ❤

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