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DIY: faux gel nails

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One of my most consistent memories growing up is going to the nail salon with my mom and grandmother. I would read magazines or work on homework and even though I rarely got my painted there it always looked like such a glamourous experience. They were friends with the woman and her salon was out of her home so it was cozy and warm with everyone chatting… and she had two huge chow chows and I would love to catch a glimpse of them roaming the house like lions!

faux gel nail

Today I have more nail polishes than I can probably count but I just love changing colors – its really relaxing for me. I have a quiet the steady hand from lots of practice but nail polish doesn’t generally stay on me well, it begins to chip and peel.

This faux gel nail hack is awesome. I’ve seen about 5 variations of this floating around the pinterest but I’ve cut some corners and I think it looks just as shiny and lasts several days without chipping. The gelous gives you this amazing shiny coat – its thicker than nail polish and provides the perfect base. I usually put on two coats of gelous before its really has a chance to dry, and then let it dry before i put my polish color, wait for that coat to dry before the out the door top coat. Doing the coats too quickly will result in bubbles so be sure to let subsequent layers dry.

essie polish geranium

I love this color – Geranium from Essie!

nail polish drying spray

I’ve also really loving this quick dry nail polish spray from Target. It’s just a few dollars, smells like baby powder but really helps set your nail polish when you are in a hurry!

Have you tried your own DIY gel nails?

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