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no fuss quiche recipe

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Growing up I always claimed to hate quiche – I have no idea why I would do that because how could you not like, eggs, flaky crust, cheese, meat and veggies?! Fast forward to 2014 and it always sounds appealing when I see it on a menu but I’ve never taken the plunge in making it myself. A few weeks ago, my mother in law and I were in New York City for a (sold out Lincoln Center #proudwife) concert and we both had quiche and I’ve been craving it ever since!
no fuss bacon spinach quiche

I adapted a recipe that I found from Cooking Light on all I ended up changing it quite a bit with what I had on hand and to what I thought JPS would enjoy. I also adjusted baking temperature (our oven doesn’t cool down quickly so I cooked it at 325 v. 350). Below is the exact method I used but of course you can play around with the ingredients you like best and adjust cooking for your oven. You’ll want to make sure its set and not slimy/liquidy when you remove it from the oven. Test it like you would a cake – when a toothpick or knife comes out clean, its done. The quiche came out slightly like a soufflé, nice and fluffy! I asked JPS if it was good and got the response “You’re Queen La-quiche-a!”

no fuss bacon spinach quiche recipe

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