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New Orleans

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I am lucky enough to been able travel frequently for work but its usually to the same general places. I recently attended a conference in New Orleans, my first time there, and my first time to really explore a city alone. I know understand why people travel alone…because its awesome.

Jackson Square, New Orleans

Here are some of my recommendations from my brief stay.

Hotel: I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott and it was so convenient. I definitely recommend staying there, its just a few blocks away from the French Quarter, quiet and clean! The only weird thing is that my room had no windows to the outdoors, only out into the interior of the hotel.

Food: I found Chartres House on Yelp a couple of weeks before I arrived. It’s located right off Jackson Square on Chartres. You can see more about Chartres House here. My table looked right out onto the street, hence the scary van in the picture. The food was amazing and I only wish I had more people with me to split and try more things. I think that’s the worst thing about traveling alone!

shrimp poboy

fried green tomato's chartres house

Another quick recommendation is Royal House where I had a cup of gumbo. Everytime I walked by the line was out the door. I stopped by for a quick snack at an off time and it was STILL crazy. Luckily I was able to get a table but because it was so busy the service was (understandably) slow.

Shopping: I was really impressed with the variety of shops around Jackson Square. There was definitely some commericial/touristy aspects of it but there was good variety in the shops and things you’d actually want to see in your home.

jackson square french quarter

new orleans musician

I really don’t like live music – I know the worst words I could utter as the wife of a musician, right? But I did really like this band out in the street. There was a huge crowd gathered and I heard someone say they love catching them overtime they visit NOLA. I think they were on Royal Street.

aunt sally's pralines

I picked up a cajun cookbook at Aunt Sally’s – I hope I can replicate something decent out of the book!

royal street new orleans

cafe beignet, new orleans

cafe beignet, new orleans

Isn’t this the most charming little cafe?

new orleans shop

What are you must-see’s in NOLA? (and disregard that “no photos please” sign, oops)

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One thought on “New Orleans

  1. Isn’t New Orleans a great place?! You find something new every time you venture there. You visited some great spots and the food looks delicious!

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