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flight hacks


We all have our own way of doing things but these are some of my favorite tips to feel first class in cargo and be prepared to tackle casual travel issues.

flight hacks

If you aren’t wearing socks, bring them for the flight. Flights are chilly and there is air conditioner vents at your feet and, unlike the vents overhead, you can’t control those boogers. I like the soft ones from Lands End.

Pashmina scarves double as a great blanket. They’re big, soft and can protect you from actually touching your neighbor. Literally every airport in the US sells about 15 colors for $10!

Stay hydrated. Ask for water to stay hydrated, you dont want to look dry or dehydrated when you land. Also I recommend using Mario Badescu Rose water, take a little spritz in the restroom after your flight and get on with your day. It spruces your make-up and makes you feel and look refreshed.

Print your travel documents. Its inevitable that if you only rely on your phone or email for your travel documentation one or both with crash and die. I carry mine in a plastic page protector (yes, those from middle school) because unlike a folder they can slink and form into any part of my bag that I squish it in.

Bring headphones. Its likely that your flight will have streaming radio or tv (all JetBlue flights do) and other carriers are following suit on shorter domestic flights. If you don’t want to talk to your neighbor pop them in and act like you are in college ignoring someone in the dining hall. No eye-contact or they’ll start talking to you.

What are your favorite flight hacks?

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2 thoughts on “flight hacks

  1. Very nice tips. When it comes to headphones, I’d recommend noise cancelling ones. These are really helpful to enjoy your time aboard 🙂

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