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Things you never knew you needed for travel!

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I’m back with some things you never knew you actually needed while travelling.

While of course you could survive with just the clothes on your back and some water…but you wouldn’t feel very first class now would you?


1) Laundry bag. Laundry is probably my least favorite household chore and if I could outsource it [including putting my clothes away], I would. For a long time I would use the hotel laundry bag, which is plastic, to store dirty clothes but now I’ve found this from the container store and its much larger and eco-friendly.

2) Cable Organizer. I prefer to travel with my iPad charger, if at all possible, since it is a super-charger and my phone is charged in no time at all, but that dang cord! This was started by a kickstarter program and as cute as can be. Grab a nibbles and keep those cords organized [also available for iPhone chargers].

3) Luggage handle wrap. Well we’ve all put tags, ribbon, etc on our bags but those don’t lay flat and can get damaged. I’ve been loving my monogrammed handle wrap and have gotten countless compliments from TSA and flight attendants [you know, the real pros]. I won’t recommend where I bought mine because I ordered one and it took three times to get it correct, but you can buy your own from several shops on Etsy.

4) Travel Candle. Hotels aren’t always the coziest, and a few days away from home can leave a little to be desired. I keep a small candle and travel lighter in my suitcase so I can always make the room feel (and smell) a little more like home.

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