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Feel first class, while flying in cargo

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Here I am getting back into the blogging game. I wanted to start a new series on traveling because while some of us have the opportunity to do it frequently, its very evident that some that do not and traveling, especially air travel, is very overwhelming.

In an effort to reduce amateur-hour at the airport here is the first of many tips I have!


1) Before your flight, chose a seat at the front of the plane. Its true that if you get in a plane crash its safer to be in the back of the plane, but to survive disembarkation at your final destination chose the front. You’ll get off of the plane sometimes 20 minutes before the poor souls in the back, but they will also survive the crash…so roll the dice there.

2) Be prepared in the security line. We all know you have to take all metal out of our pockets, watches, change and take off your shoes. It’s not a surprise, friends. Prep in line as to not slow down all your fellow passengers. I never wear watch or jewelry en route to the airport, and always keep my laptop easily accessible [it must be taken out to be screened, small items like iPads, other tablets or cameras do not need to be taken out of your bag].

3) SHOES. You must take your shoes off if you are anywhere from 12-75 years old. Don’t wear things that need to be laced, or boots that are hard to get on and off. Besides slowing down those going through the security line, you my friends, are the ones who slow us down when trying to retrieve our belongings. If you are wearing these items, simply grab them and walk over to the benches provided on the other side [they are there just for you!]. The scanner gets jammed when you dont quickly retrieve your items and insanity is sure to ensue [and you are going to make TSA angry]

4) If you can get away with not checking a bag, don’t. Lines to check your bags are usually long, especially in peak travel times. The time it takes for them to unload and you to find your bag on the carousel is also a long one. If you can pack a carryon you are sure to save yourself at least 30 minutes on either end of your air travel. [You also eliminate your luggage being lost – woohoo!]

5) When boarding know where your seat is. Take note of your seat assignment and as you enter the plane note which side of the aisle your seat is on. It makes it easier for everyone else and easy to find. This is not the dewey decimal system, no need to complicateĀ things.

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