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We’ve Moved!

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On perhaps the hottest day of the year, we moved…. I don’t think we could have tried to pick a hotter day if we tried!

I’ll save you all the sweaty details, but we are so excited to move from our small 2 bedroom/1 bath into a 3 bedroom/2.5 bath townhouse! I’ve been feverishly unpacking and trying to get things organized before JPS comes home on Friday.

In all of my pre-prep work I came up with a few good moving strategies:

1. Plan early  and decide on what you aren’t using and pack those things first. You won’t even miss them being packed. I started with linen closets and ended with the kitchen.

2. Visualize your new house and where you want things to be. If you have a vase in your kitchen and want to put it in your bedroom- pack it in the bedroom box to make it easier for yourself. Save the extra thought later on. You’ll be tired.

3. Don’t pack hanging clothes. Simply just the time it would take you to unhang/fold/rehang isn’t worth it. I used (several) large garbage bags puncturing a hole in the bottom of them and slid the hanger hooks through it. Hang in your new closet and then tear the bag off- its like a fairy organized your closet.

4. If you are moving into a multi-level house, plan your boxes accordingly. I put a piece of purple duck tape around the corner of any box that needed to go upstairs. This saved me a ton of work later on having boxes where they already needed to be.

5. Purge as much as you can before you move. Don’t move junk- ’nuff said.

I take myself as an expert in moving…making this my ELEVENTH move since I graduated high school.

image: Rifle Paper Company 

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