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Found! China Cabinet


One of the only things that JPS and I disagreed about with the registry was registering for china. All of the women on both sides of our family thought it was a great idea- and of course I bow down to a good tradition. But JPS wasn’t sold on it.

Luckily, he came around and now I have two AMAZING sets of china. One that I inherited, and a set of my own wedding china. I haven’t had anyplace to store it and they both sit in boxes in the back of two different closets begging to be used.

The search has been on for something to display them in so we can enjoy them. And I’m pleased to announce the search is over, courtesy of the second-hand furniture store across the street from my office.

I have some good ideas on how clean and spruce it up a bit. But that will come in a future DIY.


In case you were wondering, my china patterns are Blue Willow and Chapel Hill by Kate Spade.

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4 thoughts on “Found! China Cabinet

  1. I’m 95% sure I also have the Blue Willow china set. My grandmother gave it to me years ago as a “future family heirloom” and she knew blue was my favorite color. My mom threw in sets of blue leaded crystal wear. Max and I registered for a fancier set of everyday china so they would be more dual purpose. He definitely wasn’t sold either. We went with the Marin collection from Crate & Barrel.

  2. I love that! I think its so cool to pass china on- thinking of all the meals, occassions and conversation shared over them!
    We did a ton of registering at create and barrel too!

  3. The fun story about my grandmother’s china was she collected each piece separately during the depression. She added more pieces over the years. I just need to refinish my cabinet to display them more.

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