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Three Bean Turkey Chili


Back into my slow cooker obsession, I made chili for tonight. I think I’m starting to master forward thinking meal prep, which is making my life considerably easier. I can enjoy meal prep and cooking and not feel the frenzy of scrambling to pull something together while starving.

I’ve made Skinny Taste’s crockpot 3 bean turkey chili before and we both liked it so I thought I would give it another whirl. You can find her recipe here. She has some amazing healthy recipes- shes another staple food blog of mine (her enchiladas might be my favorite!)

Last time I made it, I followed it pretty much to a T- this time I took a little freedom as I realized I had used or didn’t have quite all of the ingredients. Whoops- remember when that happened for the french onion soup? same shopping trip!

Because I realized I was without an onion, I threw in garlic to cook with the turkey (she has you browning the turkey with an onion) and I also showered my turkey with some cumin. I threw in another spoonful of garlic into the bean mixture when I had everything thrown in- just to make sure there would be enough flavor.

The second thing I realized I didnt have was the actual chiles- well, resorting back to my dear franks hot sauce, I threw some in and stirred it around until I thought there was plenty. This is a big batch of chili so it did need quite a bit.

I also replaced the chili powder with cumin- personal preference.

I let it stand in the fridge all night, purely for my own convenience, but I think that helped blend the flavors. JPS says he thought this was even more savory than when I made it the first time!

While its not the most attractive dish- its a sure crowd pleaser!


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2 thoughts on “Three Bean Turkey Chili

  1. this looks delish!!! and i think it’s gluten free 🙂 yay!

  2. Yeah definitely! I’ll keep my eye out for some gluten-free recipes! I’ve been seeing a ton on pinterest, and I’ll take them for a test drive in my kitchen!

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