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THE best French Onion Soup via Smitten Kitchen

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I finally had a chance to do a little cooking this weekend! I have been wanting to try Smitten Kitchens recipe for French Onion soup for  quite a while- I do have to say, it did not disappoint!

I followed Deb’s recipe pretty closely except instead of 2 qts of beef broth- I used 1 qt beef broth and a little over a half a quart of chicken broth. I had misread the recipe at the store and only bought one, but I think it still it was great! The hardest part of the recipe is to stick around while the onions need to cook. I had used a recipe in the past that didn’t emphasize the need to let them cook for so long to build the flavor- 40minutes is a long time- perhaps I cooked the onions 15 minutes and geeze did that make all the difference! I also added some mozzarella with the gruyere cheese for a little more of that traditional cheesy/gooey/yumminess that you see at restaurants! But Deb knows what shes doing- and her french onion soup is a prime example of that!

The whole recipe can be found here– 



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