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Pesto Ranch Slow Cooker Chicken

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I’ve been hitting some wins in the kitchen!

I recently found this pin which is a recipe from picky palate. Which I’ve just been trying to find a day that would work to try it out. It took me all of 5 minutes to dump the ingredients into the crockpot and I was merrily on my way to work. Now I think if you can make anything at 630am thats an accomplishment. But this really was because it tasted (and smelled) amazing.

I used less chicken (4 pieces), less pesto (half a jar) and more broth (around 1.5 cups) and changed the ranch packet to be the spicy ranch packet (actually that was JPS- it gave it a little kick!)

The chicken was so tender and the pesto and ranch combined were a great pair- it definitely didn’t have too much of a ranch flavor but I think a smoother ending than leaving you with a mouthful of basil. The only thing I didn’t like about the recipe- which is so vain- is it didnt look good. It floats in the mixture all day- and then you definitely want that flavor- so you want to keep pesto on the chicken- but it looks like mushy spinach or something. Do not be dismayed- however ugly it is. It makes up tenfold in taste! We paired it with a broccoli/carrot/pepper veggie mix and grilled potatoes. It would be perfect for a summer dinner outside!

photoI could never figure out why everyone raves about crockpots, until I got my own. I wish I planned meals out enough to throw all of our meals in them and run out the door. But I’m not that planned out yet. ONE DAY.

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