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experimental cooking: shrimp

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I almost didn’t snap a pic, but I did and after a little internet searching- I was glad I did.

See, I was standing in the kitchen without any idea of what I was going to make for dinner. JPS wasn’t here so I felt a little more freedom to puzzle piece a dinner together. I mean, if I make something and its not good, no other poor soul with have to even know it even existed.

I was defrosting some shrimp and had no idea what to do. Nothing sounded great, but then I saw it in the fridge and thought…would that work? I threw a little olive oil into a pan and threw in some shrimp. I splashed some salt and pepper on them and still contemplated if this would actually work. I finally just thought, “what the heck, I’m just going to do it”. I poured just enough Frank’s buffalo hot sauce over the shrimp and let them simmer. THEY WERE THE BEST LITTLE GUYS! I was so impressed, I’m going to have to make them again.

Apparently,  I wasn’t the only person that thought of this because I’m finding a ton of recipes including one from Frank’s themselves (found here). I used WAY less franks than man himself, but I suppose that can be imagined since they are trying to sell you their product. But I can’t think of an easier dinner.

I’m glad I took a risk- even though it sounded a little funny. I’m always jealous of those that don’t have to measure their ingredients, they just casually pour because they know just how much they need. I’m certainly not like that, I’m meticulously measuring. This makes me believe that one day, I too, can pour my ingredients precisely because I’ll know when they are just right.



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One thought on “experimental cooking: shrimp

  1. Good for you sounds Yum!!

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