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Weekend Decorating

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Since we decided to stay in JPS’ bachelor pad when we got married, I’ve made it my mission to add a little femininity into the mix. (Its fine, its his mission to be accommodating). He’s painted, hung things up and been all around great about me adding my own decorating flair to the apartment.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to put on a wall of our bedroom. I made a starburst mirror in the fall, from a tutorial on pinterest, but it wasn’t enough. Its been looking like this:


So I had two black and white photos printed from our first dance at our wedding. I think they are great because they capture both of us and the day! We finally picked up some frames from Target today (their new threshold line to be exact). And JPS hung them for us. I think they really make a big difference as the wall was just too empty before. I’m glad I was able to find a way to fill the wall and show off these beautiful pictures!



I didnt get to cooking like I planned, but at least I did something productive!

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One thought on “Weekend Decorating

  1. looks fabulous! i love those pics and great job w/ the mirror DIY! 🙂 you’re so crafty!

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