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what is bayalage?

Up until a few years ago I always had my hair highlighted but it’s the pits when it grows back in and your roots come back in a straight line. GROSS. I’ve been getting bayalage for a couple of years now and I’m so surprised how many people have no idea what it is! Articles have been popping up touting it as the best new thing, but it isn’t new. I mean, just look how long Giselle has had her golden locks!

A few things about bayalage: It is the best if you want your hair color to look fresh, and not extreme. If you might wait a little longer in-between touchups, I usually go six months which is honestly a little long but I get my hair cut about every 3 months or so and thats the best timing for me and if you want to minimize damage from coloring your hair.

bayalage | as GOLD as it gets

Excuse the 8am in-car photo: You can see that while my hair had grown out – it didn’t have a straight line of where my hair had grown in.

bayalage | as GOLD as it gets

Your colorist will paint or sweep the color onto your hair. This isn’t done “perfectly” like highlights where they basically measure and weave the color pretty evenly throughout your hair. It is actually pretty amazing how the colorist will pick and choose which pieces to apply the color too. It is totally freehand. Once they have applied all the color you get saran-wrapped and you sit without heat for about 30 minutes. bayalage | as GOLD as it getsThis was waiting for the valet to get my car…you can see that it doesn’t look drastically different, just brighter and fresher!

bayalage | as GOLD as it getsIf you are looking for bayalage in the philadelphia area I highly recommend Kristen at Adolf Biecker salon! She’s fantastic.

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philadelphia brunch – cafe la maude

I am behind in my posting! What better way to give you some early morning drool worthy brunch pictures? I went to brunch with my friend Kendra and I’m so lucky that she hired me for my first job out of college and even luckier to call her a friend, not just a former boss! She lovely in every way and always knows everything there is to know about whats going on and what’s good in Philadelphia.

cafe la maude card

We went to Cafe La Maude, a parisian-lebanese bistro in the norther liberties section of philly. It did not disappoint! The owner and his wife were right at the door greeting customers as they came in.

Parisian Zá

Our brunch was amazing…are you drooling yet?caprese benedictAbove is the caprese benedict! It was just as amazing at it looks.

It’s the feel of Paris and the taste of Beirut all hidden in Philadelphia! You won’t find it by strolling the city so make a point to take a quick trip up to northern liberties!

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preview: a very lilly birthday + #lillyfortarget

My birthday just happens to be exactly one week before the #lillyfortarget line launches. I am, of course, have a very lilly birthday party with the launch. There are so many fun things to play around with – I’m currently thinking flamingos, pineapples and some palm trees. Our biggest questions so far is WHEN WILL LILLY BE FOR SALE. Has anyone heard? Are stores opening at midnight? Let me know if you’ve heard!

27 lilly flamingo print


valentines day cookies – two ways!

I love Valentines day! Even if I didn’t have a boyfriend on Valentines, I just love the idea of Valentines day and all the cute valentines and sweets. Today I’m bringing you two recipes that I’ve tested (and I’ll be honest, I like one WAY more than the other!). But both are perfect and cute and sure to please your valentine.
valentines day cookies - two ways! |as GOLD as it gets blog

First up, these dreamy heart sprinkles are from Target and really add the perfect finishing touch to Domestic Dreamboats recipe for Sprinkle Crusted Soft and Chewy Sugar Cookies. These are divine! She recommends using 1/2-1/2 tsp almond extract (I used 1/2 tsp) and they make them out of this world. I love sprinkles baked into cookies like this. It makes them so fun for kids + kids at heart. I also love that these can get slightly brown on the bottom – it really does add a little extra flavor.

valentines day sprinkle sugar cookies | as GOLD as it gets blog

My second recipe… is good. But I think I’ve just discovered that chocolate shortbread is too much for me. I love that buttery rich shortbread taste but I always feel like chocolate shortbread is so chock full of cocoa that it has none of that buttery flavor. The flavor is definitely a deep rich chocolate, you’ll definitely need a glass of milk to wash this down. This recipe can be found at Crunch Creamy Sweetchocolate shortbread cookies | as GOLD as it gets blog

chocolate shortbread cookies | as GOLD as it gets blogI did try another cookie after they had set for about 12 hours and the deep flavor that was initially knocking me over had subsided a little with cooling and setting. Some people will absolutely love these, and they are good — but have a drink ready to go!

Do you have any favorite valentines day treats? I’d love to hear (and try them out!)

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zucchini fritters – smitten kitchen recipe

A few weeks ago I tried my hand at zucchini fritters. I was really surprised at how great they turned out. I had to try Smitten Kitchen’s version. They are pretty great too. I think (at least when I!) made them they were a little too floury (perhaps I didn’t mix them well enough!).
zucchini fritters | as GOLD as it gets blog


zucchini fritters | as GOLD as it gets blogPair these with a drizzle of lemon juice and some sour cream on the side for the perfect side or snack.


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must have : booties

I get items stuck in my head that I must search high and low for until I find the perfect one. Tan leather booties have been circulating pinterest boards, blogs and all around me for over a year and I’ve been searching for them…for a year. Boots are hard items to shop for. Fine line between styles that border a cowgirl or a stripper. FINE LINE PEOPLE. I’ve been searching for the perfect pair that don’t make my legs look cut off and don’t cost a fortune. I finally found them at Marshalls from The Sak (on clearance) for just… $18.
the sak tan bootiesThey are a little funky because they have cutouts on the sides of them but they’ve actually grown on me. I love that they look slightly worn and loved. Now I can move onto the next item on my list…a house ;)



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