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Prepping for Sunday’s #LillyforTarget Launch!

Well today is a test because I happen to be very jealous that people already have the Lilly for Target items at the launch party last night AND the pop up shop in Bryant Park today. There are so many photos popping up that are giving me both extreme excitement and anxiety about getting my hands on it on Sunday!

Lilly for Target Check out Blair from Atlantic Pacific (above) and Carly from The College Prepster (below) on their favorite Lilly for Target items so far.
Lilly for Target

What better way to prep for the Lilly for Target launch than with some insider information?

Here is some intel I’ve collected (from trusted sources, mostly Target corporate employees!):

1) Every Target store will carry the line, but quantities will differ.
2) Stores will not be opening early. But most of the Target’s (I checked 4 stores) open at 8am.
3) Target employees have shared that they believe the line will be in three sections of the store – womens, kids, home and some will be utilizing the cosmetics section.
4) Target isn’t releasing the time you can buy online but are indicating “wee hours of the morning” — I take that to mean 12-3am. Remember some items are only available online.
5) Sizing will on Target sizing chart, not Lilly Pulitzer.
6) Sizes in shifts are numerical and other items are alpha sizes.
7) If you are planning on shopping online, favorite items AND add your billing information prior to the online launch so you can be ready to fill up your cart!
8) Start making your wishlist for in-store shopping so you know what you are looking for. I have some of my favorites here.

A little sneak peek at my flamingo birthday and Lilly for Target launch party – catch more with #27lillydresses
flamingo party straws


Wish list for Lilly for Target

The countdown is on for Lilly for Target! I mentioned here that my birthday is going to be Lilly-themed and we are waking up (or maybe we will still be AWAKE…) to be there when the doors open! It’s time to start seriously thinking what we want to keep our eyes open for that all too eventful morning. I’ve started my list…but who knows what will happen on April 19th!

Lilly Pulitzer wish list

My list starting top right and going clockwise:

Bandeau Swimsuit $40
Eyelet Tunic Coverup $32
Challis Romper $34
Gold Pineapple Sandals $30
Double-zip Train Case $19.99
Turban Headwrap $8
Embroidered Clutch $24
Shift Dress $38

I love that you can see the whole line before its out and the prices! You can even scroll through a party of the clothes (below) – notice Chris Noth? Will he be there on Sunday morning?!

Lilly for Target partyI’d love to hear what’s on your list!

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laudree macarons nyc

I’ve caught the macaron bug and I’ve been dying to head to Laudree to try the queen of the macarons. It wasn’t too long ago that the notorious french pastry shop came to New York City from Paris and now has two locations. I went to the Soho location which also has a full kitchen and tea room. I was in a moderate hurry but plan on popping back in this summer for more macaron’s and tea.
laudree macarons | as GOLD as it gets

I picked up a box of 6 which is $21, which is a lot but this is something that I cannot make on my own (yet!) and I also didn’t want to eat them right away and if you buy less than 6 they put them in a little sleeve like you get at Starbucks and these delicate little gems would just have not survived NJ Transit back to Princeton. And well, life has been hard and macaron’s are great! (Also something to note is they don’t have a credit card minimum).

macaron flavors from laudreelaudree macarons | as GOLD as it gets laudree macarons | as GOLD as it gets

A little about the shop: It’s gorgeous and feels like you are transported into a Parisian fantasy. The windows are decorated adorably and the shop has a bright mint exterior with a huge Laudree flag fluttering in the wind on W Broadway. The staff is so friendly. Honestly the reminded me of the ladies on Disneyland’s Main Street that serve ice cream, they look (and sound) like they flew in from Paris and they are so patient as you peruse the mountains of treats that you can get. You even get to choose the color box that you want (and they don’t seem to mind as you snap a few photos!).

window display laudree  Who doesn’t want to have a little dessert on this china?laudree tablesThey absolutely live up to the hype. They are so flaky, chewy but cripsy and obviously have amazing flavor. The one below is the Rose which is understated but fresh and smell heavenly.

Laudree Soho Location
398 W Broadway 


making easter dinner

I did it! Not withstanding a little doubt in myself – i made Easter dinner. Here are a few of the things that I made and they are really simple and could be for any type of meal.

Cucumber, strawberry, feta salad with poppyseed dressing: First of all, so simple. You could slice the cucumber thinly or I used the veggetini to make them into noodles (i also cut them once in the bowl to make them a little easier to eat). Slice some strawberries and sprinkle feta throughout. You can increase, or decrease, any of the ingredients based on your personal preference. I didn’t realize this was going to be such a hit but it was. My father in law even said, “if no one else is going to eat this..I’ll finish it off!”. Pictured here is about 4 small persian cucumbers and around 6-8 strawberries. I can’t wait to pack this for lunch in the summer.

cucumber, strawberry, feta + poppyseed salad

Slow Cooked Ham with an orange, apple and rosemary glaze: This was the very first ham I had ever made, and the source of all of my Easter anxiety. Luckily with a little peptalk from my grandmother I plunged ahead and it came out perfect. I had a 6.5 lb ham and had it on low for three hours and it was over the necessary temperature.
fresh ham

The glaze that I used was super simple and really liquidy – it might be more difficult to use in the oven but it worked perfect to have the ham immersed in while in the slow cooker. Zest of one orange, 1 cup apple cider, 1 cup apple juice, 2 cups of orange juice, cup of orange marmalade, 1/4 cup brown sugar and 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary. I heated it on the stove for about 5-8 minutes over medium heat until felt like everything had really melded together

orange, apple and rosemary ham glaze Roasted green beans: I make these all the time pour olive oil over the green beans and follow with minced garlic, pepper and a little garlic salt. I use tongs to make sure everything gets some seasoning and roast at 450 for about 15-20 minutes. I give quick stir at about 10 minutes. I love when they get shrively and brown.

roasted green beans

We also had garlic mashed potatoes, gravy that I had previously made and frozen, these ham sammys , and lemon cupcakes. I used my blue willow china and my kate spade wedding china

blue willow china

You might remember the centerpiece from here.


…and these cute napkins came from home goods!

kate spade chapel hill chinaGlad to have my first real holiday hosting experience in the books!


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lemon blueberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting

lemon blueberry cupcakes | as GOLD as it gets blog

I’ve already posted these on instagram

at least there's fruit in it, right?

A photo posted by lindsay smith (@asgoldasitgets) on


I can’t think of a better way to greet spring than start baking with some fresh fruit. This recipe is pretty dang simple for a “from scratch” recipe. I’ll be making another batch to top off our Easter dinner but I wanted to do a test run. You can find the full recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction. The only change I made was I used smaller but very juicy lemons and only used 1.5 lemons. You can taste test the batter to see if its lemon-y enough for you. I also added blueberries into the batter right before I put them in the cupcake liners. I sprinkled flour on them to help them keep their shape and not instantly explode as they baked. I threw a couple of handfuls in but you can certainly use more or less depending on personal preference.

lemon blueberry cupcakes | as GOLD as it gets blog

lemon blueberry cupcakes | as GOLD as it gets blog

lemon blueberry cupcakes | as GOLD as it gets blog

I’ve gotten rave reviews on these so far, they stay so moist and have such a nice flavor that is neither tangy or overwhelming!

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simple DIY Easter centerpiece

This year I get to host a mini-Easter…no baton has been passed, but I’m counting a vacation date blunder on my in-laws behalf a chance to have some fun! I’ll only be hosting 6 people (luckily!) but I wanted to bring a little pop to our table. This is literally such a fast and simple DIY for an Easter centerpiece.
diy easter centerpiece | as GOLD as it gets blog

I already owned the glassware, but you could use a bowl or vase if you had one. I also already had paint but you can buy acrylic craft pain for under a dollar at your local Hobby Lobby or Michaels. The grass was just about a dollar and the eggs were $2.99. These eggs aren’t real, but they aren’t plastic eggs either (although you could use them, I just didn’t want to see the seal of the traditional easter eggs).
what you'll need - easy DIY easter centerpiece

Literally paint your eggs, let them dry and throw them in – wahhhh lahhhh! Perfect (and easy and fast and cute!) Easter centerpiece. diy easter centerpiece | as GOLD as it gets blog


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