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house project: guest room

One of our first major projects was tackling our fourth bedroom…the guest room. It was a horrid color of yellow and needed some serious TLC and I needed to make our smallest bedroom look bright to appear as large as possible. See before and after below!guest room before and afterIMG_8179paint: pale oak by benjamin moore, bedding: hey y’all pillow, custom pillows, bedspread, art: home good clearance findIMG_8182a few TJ Maxx findsIMG_8190I love how much Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak brightened the room!IMG_8186

I think its a huge improvement from the yellow and we are so excited to have our first guest come this week!


buttermilk oven roasted drumsticks

I don’t know why I have always replaced drumsticks in recipes…this recipe reminded me how GOOD they are. These 6 drumsticks rang up at $2.80! Yummy and cheap?

buttermilk marinated drumsticks

These are great to make in a pinch. Just around 35 minutes to cook in the oven and a few more under the broiler. They marinate all night so the meat is tender is full of flavor.

buttermilk marinated drumsticksbuttermilk marinated drumsticksOh my goodness look at how YUM these look!buttermilk marinated drumsticks

Perfect little meal here for a busy weeknight. The chicken is so juicy and a nice mix from the traditional chicken breast.

buttermilk marinated drumsticks

This recipe is from Julia’s Album. The directions are slightly different based on how I prepared them.

1 cup buttermilk
1 tablespoon olive oil
5 garlic cloves, minced
1/6 bunch of fresh parsley, minced
1/2 teaspoon regular salt
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
6 chicken drumsticks

Mix all the ingredients (except the chicken) in a medium mixing bowl.
Using tongs place drumsticks in the mixture, making sure to coat all sides.
Seal bowl with plastic wrap and leave in fridge overnight (I did 18 hours).
Heat over to 400 degrees and place drumsticks alternating directions so they fit in a casserole dish.
Cook for 30-40 minutes, chicken juice should run clear and be at 165 degrees.
Broil for a few minutes to your liking.


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kate spade valentines gifts under $60

Just a couple of weeks until valentines! I love these sweet gifts from Kate Spade. These are perfect ideas for boyfriends and husbands, MINE INCLUDED, HELLLLLO! ;) I can’t get over how cute the perfect match bracelet is (and its on sale for $54!)

kate spade valentines

bow gloves // perfect match bracelet set // rain check umbrella // jewelry holder

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have you taken spin?

I’m starting a new series with my bestie Chelsea. We are going to share about our love for spin and we come for totally different experience but hope to share light on why we both are loving spin. We don’t claim to be health or exercise gurus – we just know what we like.

We both have become obsessed with it. We both started at cycling studios which we highly recommend if you are just starting out for a few reasons: a studio is way more in tune with helping you learn how to set up your bike, learning about metrics and a super supportive smaller environment.spinning

I hate gyms but my studio made me feel confident to come back time after time and really got to know me and encourage me. Unfortunately, my sweet little studio closed and I had to move to a local gym. The instructors are totally different at a cycling studio than at the gym. While I have several instructors that I like at my gym now, there is one in particular who comes to class with a full face of makeup and makes lots of weird/inappropriate comments and her class is full of men, coincidence? I think not. And another who gets moody when the class doesn’t fill up which makes you think she’s not focused on the people there, only the people not there.

I’ll be sharing more about our experiences and tips on #fitnessfriday! I’d love to hear if you are cycling faithful or have been thinking about trying it out.


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true north collection – my secret to fewer hair washes!

It’s sincerely difficult for me to want to wash my hair. It’s just so much work to have it dry (if I sleep with it wet or damp in a ponytail it won’t dry all night!) and then to get it straight. But I sweat so much in spin I simply cannot make my hair last more than one day..and when you go 3-4x week thats a lot of washing and drying that I literally do not have time for.

True North has literally been a life saver for me. They all are crafted so well and they are so durable. I wash them in the washing machine and let them lay flat to dry and they are just as springy as they were the day I got them. The width of the headband is larger than I would choose just for looks but let me tell you, it spans so much of your hair that it literally soaks your sweat up and best of all they are super affordable at $7.
north daisy

To make my hair last I wear it up in a high bun and a True North headband. They are designed to go down to your forehead past your hairline, mine sits back a little bit only because thats where it more comfortably fits with my widow’s peak.

After class I leave it on until I get home about 15-20 minutes and let it continue to soak everything up and then let my hair down and run large sprays of dry shampoo through it all to get anything that hasn’t dried. I’ve noticed if I take it off too early my hair doesn’t do as well. Honestly I can go for 3 days and 2 classes on a single wash.

north 2

During my spin classes it 100% stays in place–I’ve been testing these for a few months because I really wanted to be sure. Once I put them on I pull it slightly down over my ears and it really doesn’t budge!north

I love all the vibrant prints and colors that they come in. Definitely check out the shop on  Etsy!

Thanks to True North Collection for sending me some headbands to try!

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emoji sugar cookies

emoji cookiesTo make these (or anything else that are a “common”/familiar thing) sketch them out first so your hand has the idea before you have icing in your hand. I used wilton gel colors in buttercup, red-red, teal, black and white. I prefer to use the disposable bags because icing is meeeeeessssaaaay.



How can you not smile when you see this?!


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