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stayin’ organized – my choice for a planner

I really love being organized. I am not one for surprises and I don’t like leaving things up to chance. I’ve realized over the years that I really prefer a handwritten planner. I like phycailly crossing things off and I like not having to rely on a battery or wi-fi to access an online or electronic calendar…and don’t even get me started on the paranoia I have about LOSING it there is a computer or human error. I use an outlook calendar for work but I’m continuously copying things over just in case I were to loose something. 
may designs planner This May Designs planner is the best. First of all her products are all great, durable and totally customizable. She’s a mom-CEO and puts so much of herself into her business its amazing to watch (see her on instagram in action @micamay) and I just really want to support her business. I’ve carried about every planner from Target, Lilly Pulitzer and electronic calendars and I have to say hers are the best. There is ample room to write (unless you need things hour by hour), they are lightweight and the covers are so sturdy and don’t fray or bend. My 2014-2015 one is well worn but not sloppy-looking. This is my 2015-2016 version and I honestly couldn’t be more excited to start using it. If you are searching for a way to spruce your organization, I’d recommend ordering one this summer!

May Designs also just released coloring books for adults, photo books and have other stationary and notebooks if you aren’t looking for a day planner.


cut out calories, cut out the crust: phyllo chicken pot pie

Today I’m sharing a variation of Martha Stewart’s lighter chicken pot pie. We really like chicken pot pie but the butter alone can send you maxing out your calories for the day. Let me preface by saying this is a good recipe but I still like Rachel Ray’s the best (but you could easily merge the two recipes and use phyllo dough to cut some calories). This recipe just has a few layers phyllo on the top and no crust on the bottom.
Chicken pot pie with phyllo doughchicken pot pie
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styling my boho fringe necklace

At as GOLD as it gets we believe that life’s adventures should be fully accessorized! I love finding pieces that dress up my wardrobe and make it seem new and fresh on a budget.
urban peach boho fringe necklaceOne of my favorite places to shop is Urban Peach. They are a small online boutique and they have so many fashionable pieces all at amazing prices. It’s also a great place to pick up small gifts for your girlfriends or yourself! I’ve been shopping here for years and one thing that I love about Urban Peach is they have items that are really trendy at the moment.
How many times have you had to wait to find an affordable piece that rivals the on-trend piece? This is where you should be checking because they constantly introduce new pieces that are right on trend. From someone who tends to turn faux gold jewelry, their pieces hold up really nicely for costume jewely. I really want to try some of their watches next!

I styled this boho fringe necklace for the office  but I can’t wait to style it with a white shirt and jean shorts for the weekend.
boho fringe necklace urban peach

I love this necklace because it has a hint of a boho/care-free feel but really looks chic enough to wear to the office. It also comes in turquoise and white if thats more your coloring! urban peach boho fringe necklace | as GOLD as it gets BLOG

Boho Fringe Necklace c/o Urban Peach

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turquoise slab necklace + a dirty little secret

I wanted a turquoise slab necklace for a really long time. I wanted it to have a little variation in length, large slabs with texture and needed it to look glam, not southwest. It took me SO long to find the perfect one…I’m talking about 2 years! Well once I got this gem (ha!) I was so excited to wear it and I just KNEW I would get so many compliments because it was exactly what I had been looking for… turquoise slab necklace But you know what. No one compliments it. NO ONE. I couldn’t figure out…like can they not see these gorgeous slabs that I searched for? Are they so dazzled by the words coming out of my mouth they can’t see my necklace? And I realized that I don’t really care. Which is hard because I want people to like me and think I have nice things and if I’m honest I want people to want what I have. Isn’t that so ugly? Yikes!  This necklace has taught me a lot. And not that I REALLY like it paired with hot pink (which I do). But having nice things is lovely but you need to spend money (and time) investing in things that you really like; don’t just do them for others. I wear this necklace all the time (it also looks great with navy) and this necklace actually brings me a lot of joy even if it doesn’t result in compliments because it took a lot of effort to find exactly what I wanted but it also reminds me to do things or buy things because I want too – not for the reactions of others.

In case you like the necklace and happen to be on the hunt for one I bought mine on Etsy here. If you need apothecary jars check out these and these.

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beach style: tunics and turbans

We are halfway through the summer but hopefully you have some beach time carved out over the next few weekends. I wanted to share this beach style look with you. It was one of my faves on vacation – turbans and tunics.
This turban was one of my most coveted items from Lilly for Target and it matches so many of my blue bathing suits perfectly. I scooped this tunic up and its perfect for the beach. I wouldn’t recommend it as a tunic to be worn with pants because its pretty sheer and honestly is a little longer than I would wear as a shirt, but PERFECT as a coverup.

turbans and tunics | as GOLD as it gets blog

Turban: Lilly for Target in My Fans  / Tunic: EcoAccents


bedside table styling (avoiding the clutter)

Let’s just say my bedside table hardly/rarely/never is free of clutter it just somehow always accumulates things! In an effort to keep my two cats (Martha Washington + Betsy Ross) from knocking things off to get to the coveted window I’m trying to stay a bit more organized.

bedside table styling | as GOLD as it gets blog

In my dream world I’d always have this Lemon Mint Leaf candle from Bath & Body Works burning (or their eucalyptus mint), my jewelry would stay organized and my nail polish would stay contained…none of which usually happens.

I am utterly obsessed with my new pineapple ring holder from Charming Charlie! It helps keep clutter at least moderately organized where I can easy grab something or fling it right off as I’m settling down for the night.

Anyone else have a horrible time keeping their bedside table organized or am I alone?

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Savannah Wedding Style

This is my very last Rent the Runway wedding post! And I think this might just be the best one yet. I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far!

Unleash your inner southern belle with these gorgeous shades of blush. These muted tones won’t have you competing with the bride but you will look perfectly placed I love these dresses because they are muted soft colors but can still stand alone without “needing” something extra. I can’t think of a skin tone these wouldn’t be flattering on, tan or no tan, you are good to go.

Did you know you can also rent jewelry and handbags on Rent the Runway? I would pair these with simple gold pieces for a perfectly polished looks. Can you picture these dresses photographed in front of cobblestone streets and large weeping trees?

savannah wedding style

Justine / Halston Heritage rent: $75, retail: $445
Michelle Lace / nha khanh rent: $85, retail: $495
Rose Notes / Carmen Marc Valvo rent: $85, retail: $595

Which of the wedding city features did you like best? And in case you missed them: Miami, Napa, Nantucket, Hamptons, or Savannah?

Remember if you click on the links above I might make a commission off of your purchase. Thanks for supporting the brands that support as GOLD as it gets!


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