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rittenhouse farmers market

Looking for something to do in Philly on a Saturday? Check out the Rittenhouse Farmers Market. Every Saturday its lined around the 18th/Walnut perimeter of the park. There is everything from amish flowers, lemonade, succulents, fruits, veggies, herbs and even seafood. Don’t forget to bring cash along as most of the vendors only accept cash.
rittenhouse farmers marketTo learn more about the Rittenhouse Farmers Market + other local Philly farmers markets check out their website.

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how to have the best summer picnic

Memorial Day weekend is the best start to picnic season! Get out your picnic baskets and get ready to hit the park.

summer picnic | as GOLD as it gets blog

rittenhouse picnic | as GOLD as it gets

Have a quick stop to a market, or our fave philly pick, Dibruno Brothers. We picked up olives, prosciutto, rosemary gouda, mozzarella prosciutto, baguette, olive bread and a spicy pasta salad…and my favorite summer time drink San Pellegrino (in blood orange and clementine).

picnic essentials | as GOLD as it gets blog

Don’t have a large picnic blanket? Use a fabric tablecloth! We also used lilly for target napkins.

philadelphia picnic | as GOLD as it gets blog

snacks for picnic

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heart-healthy turkey burgers

Anyone else looking for a burger to grill this Memorial Day weekend? Here is a great (heart-healthy) burger packed with flavor (and some veggies).

turkey burger | as GOLD as its blog

I wanted to sneak some veggies into these burgers. I had gotten some large zucchini’s at Trader Joes and used the vegettini to get nice fine strands of zucchini. I drained the excess water using a paper towel and chopped 1/4 of an onion and threw it in with the turkey, adding a spoonful of minced garlic, and sprinkling some garlic salt, pepper and a little red pepper. So easy!

turkey burger | as GOLD as its blogturkey burger | as GOLD as its blog

Ingredients & Directions:
1lb 93% lean turkey
1 large zucchini, spiraled in vegettini
1/4 sweet onion, chopped into small pieces
spoonful of minced garlic
season with garlic salt, pepper and red pepper to your liking

1) Mix all ingredients in large bowl
2) Form into even size patties, around 6
3) Spray pan with non-stick spray, heating turkey patties until cooked through. Be careful to not overcook as turkey tends to dry out quickly but it can take a while for them to cook through. Internal temperatures should reach 165.

I served these with avocado, lettuce and dijon mustard on the buns and roasted asparagus.

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lilly warehouse sale tips

Looking for tips for the Lilly Warehouse Sale? Look no further!

lilly warehouse sale tips

Sales are final so you’ll need to really try things on. The dressing room is really just a curtained off area with mirrors and chairs…totally communal. Make sure to wear something that’s easy to get on and off quickly. You will be changing next to about 25 other women so if you are uncomfortable, wear something like a tight cami and leggings so you can just slide clothes on over. But honestly, everyone is so consumed in their own trying on adventure they aren’t looking around.

Go in with an open mind. They don’t publish what will be on sale so go in with an open mind of what you want. They do clearly have sections so if you are interested in dresses you’ll see a large area of dresses, a jewelry counter, rows of bags and rows of shoes.

Wear a small crossbody bag. You’ll want the most freedom and lugging a large purse won’t make that easy.

Be kind. Too many people at the sale cut the line, will grab something right in front of you. Just try to keep your cool. This isn’t Lilly for Target, they constantly are restocking!

Leave your Lilly giftcards at home. They do accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and checks

Here is a recap of my last Lilly Warehouse Sale experience!

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black head remover!

I’ve been a fan of Mario Badescu after Steffanie over at Brighter, Darling recommended his rose water to me. I’ve found his enzyme cleansing gel  (I’ll post on how amazing this is later!) really helps and soothes my skin. I’ve been trying out a few of his toners and dabbling with other things in the line. Their website is really helpful if you have any specific needs: roscea, acne, aging skin, etc. he has several products to help. It’s not an extraordinary looking website, but don’t let that distract you from the products.

I purchased the Mario Badescu silver powder after Biore strips just didn’t cut it. Before I tried it, my dear husband was such a good sport and let me try it out on him. Luckily he has large pores that you can actually see a good before/after with and just how great this is!

mario badesco review

We used a wet q-tip and swirled in the powder and made sure to get it all over the nose and surrouding skin. We didn’t want to miss anything. Let it sit according to the directions. Here he is probably scrolling through real clear politics, his favorite website…


You only need to wait 10 minutes and simply remove with the astringent. We used the glycolic grapefruit cleansing lotion its great but it does sting on some parts of your face until you use it a few times. The silver powder itself doesn’t feel like anything, no stinging or real tightening, which I found surprising.

mario badesco review

Here is the before, its a little hard to tell with the lighting in our bathroom but you can definitely see black heads across his nose…

before mario badescu

It really got down and removed them! It looked so markedly different afterwards. I didn’t have quite as amazing results but perhaps mine need some professional extraction but I also saw an improvement. after mario bedescuI would definitely recommend using this. Even though it doesn’t clean my nose out completely, it does a really good job and better than the Biore strips!


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the keys to shopping target collaborations

We’ve all heard the mass chaos surrounding #LillyforTarget and while obviously somethings could have been smoother (including more than just two size runs of clothes), there are a bunch of ways to succeed at these Target collabs.

1) Do you homework. The Lilly lookbook was posted online with prices to not only see what appealed to you but also you could build your budget really easily. This is so helpful when you in the store, you just scan for what you know you already want.

2) Plan ahead. We stopped in Target the night before. I spoke to Target employees on the phone and in-store to see if they knew anything that could be helpful in the weeks before the launch. These are super popular collaborations so theres 453534 other people online talking about them, you just need to find out where they are.


3) Bring friends. You will be trampled if you don’t have friends to keep you on track. Both mentally and physically, you are only one person!

planning #lillyfortarget

4) Use social media. We found early mobile-only links online as pieces were going up one at a time. You weren’t able to search for them online but you were able to click the link and order. It was amazing that people found and shared these and you can believe its literally the only way I was able to get my coveted pineapple sandals and romper!

5) If you’re serious about it, get there early. We got there a little bit after 6:30a and we were 5th in line. People in the store were mad when we got clothes and they didn’t…but they showed up THIRTY MINUTES before the store opened, so I don’t feel bad for you when we slept about 2.5 hours the night before. We did however, listen to the themesong of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt to get pumped up before the doors opened!

unbreakable kimmy schmidt

And most of all, remember that these are just items. It’s just for FUN!
If you get there and the racks look like this…

no stock left

It’s not the end of the world! Or, if you get to the checkout with all these items…


don’t ask people for some of their things! People were swarming us to get the items we had and that’s not right. None of us are homeless but this is America and if you wake up early and are fast sprinters on the back aisle of Target you can buy whatever you want. We had several people trying to make us feel guilty!

I’m super thankful that our weeks of strategy paid off in a big way and I hope that others were able to get what they wanted! And remember don’t buy from the greedy ebayers!


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